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IFRS_Financial Instruments training for the FSI


The Firm organised a four - day training on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Financial Instruments with key emphasis on the new IFRS 9 reporting standard which becomes applicable from January 1st, 2018.

The training held at the Senegambia Beach Hotel was attended by participants from majority of the Banks in The Gambia with the Central Bank of The Gambia taking the lead role. In her welcoming remarks, the Managing Partner of DT Associates, Mrs. Aji Penda Sankareh welcomed the participants and thanked their respective Managements for recognising the importance of capacity building in the implementation of international standards. She encouraged the participants to participate actively during the training and use the platform to ask as many questions as possible as the facilitator is a seasoned IFRS Expert with vast knowledge on IFRS issues.

Ms. Ramatoulie Jallow, Audit Manager, DT Associates, in her remarks, stated that the impact of technological breakthroughs warrants that Professionals embark on Continuous Professional Development (CPD). She added that ‘owing to the rapid evolution of the global financial markets, financial transactions have become much more complex, thus, making it absolutely necessary for financial Professionals to build capacity around this unique IFRS 9 standard. She concluded by also emphasizing the need for all participants to make optimum use of the training.  

The Guest speaker for the training, Mr. Essa Drammeh, Second Deputy Governor at the Central Bank of the Gambia, in opening the training, thanked DT Associates for taking the initiative to develop capacity in IFRS. He reminded participants that the CBG led the implementation of IFRS reporting in the financial services sector in 2013. .  He stated that the successful implementation of IFRS 9 would enhance financial reporting in The Gambia.

The four-day training covered various financial instruments. The participants shared their experiences and held salient discussion for broader understanding of the standards as it relates to their roles as Finance Professionals, Bank Examiners, Internal Audit, Risk and compliance, etc.

The training ended on Friday August 11th, 2017, was widely applauded as very successful by participants. Mr. Omar Jallow, Audit Senior Manager, DT Associates encouraged participants to engage their respective Managements to enhance the development and implementation of their transition roadmap to IFRS 9. He assured participants of DT Associates’ availability to provide affordable quality professional services and that a follow up IFRS training will be conducted before the year -end.

Participants were issued certificates and the vote of thanks was delivered by Mr. Alfusainey Camara on behalf of the participants. Mr. Camara thanked DT Associates for bringing this much needed training on IFRS to the doorstep of its clients. He stated that the training was informative and practical, which should facilitate successful implementation of IFRS 9 in the country. He encouraged DT Associates to continue providing more capacity building services.

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