Maintaining Healthy Relationships

As a business we care for the environment in which we operate in – that is why we give back to the society in their various areas of needs through an annual event we called our Impact Day. On this day, we identify certain institutions with whom we believe we can make an impact on and carry out various activities that will be beneficial to them and fulfilling to us.

International Women’s Day (March 8th, 2019) – visit of Mile 2 Central Prisons (Female Wing)

In celebrating this year’s International Women’s Day and as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, the Firm paid a visit to the female wing of the Central Mile 1 Prisons to donate various sanitary and feeding items to the female inmates.

The items were received by the Deputy Prisons Director together with some Commissioners and Prison officers. The Prisons Administration expressed their delight for the donation and thanked the DT Officials for remembering the women on such an auspicious day. They reiterated that such gestures should be reciprocated by other organisations and individuals, as government alone cannot meet the needs of the prisons.

It was an emotional visit as the inmates prayed and showed their appreciation of the items.

The Firm ended the day with some refreshment and lunch with snacks for all staff to socialise. Before the refreshment, an award ceremony also took place to recognise four (4) staff who have served in the Firm for twenty years. They were each presented with a certificate of recognition and a cheque.

On Thursday, June 21st, DT Associates – The Gambia embarked on its annual Corporate Social Responsibility by giving back to the society in the form of donations to selected institutions.

The Institutions visited were:

  • St. John’s School for the Deaf
  • The Gambia Organisation for the Visually Impaired (GOVI)
  • Methodist Special School for Children with Learning Difficulties
  • Tanka Tanka Psychiatric Hospital
  • SOS Children’s Village

Valuable items were donated to each of the Institutions – items which we believe will facilitate the administration of the institutions especially during these trying times.

During the presentations of the various items to each institution, the DT Associates staff all stressed out the Firm’s care for the society in which they live and work and that it is always a wish to give back to the society from the little income generated from our professional services.

The beneficiary institutions expressed their gratitude to DT Associates for coming back again to assist them. They stated that this is not the first time that the firm has embarked on such an event and thus applauded the entire management and staff of the firm for taking time out of their business as usual hours to visit them and more importantly, donating the well-appreciated items.

Impact Day is a continuous event for us and we hope as business strives, we will impact on more institutions in the Gambia.

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